Foråret 24: Inspiration from Luxembourg: Local Cooperatives and Sustainable Food Production in Protected Areas. Experience from Regional Nature Parks in Luxembourg

Franklin Feyhe
16. februar 2023 Kl. 19:15 Folkeuniversitet Skjoldungernes Land

As global movements toward sustainable food production grow, what is the role of local cooperatives in supporting this effort in protected areas? It is well established that local cooperatives are change vectors, essential for addressing human-induced crises of sustainable development and societies.

However, evidence of their collective actions in rural landscapes, specially protected areas, remains limited. Relying on rich data of farmers’ cooperatives, this lecture provides examples of local cooperatives’ socio-economic, ecological and governance results from local production processes in two nature parks in Luxembourg. It examines the challenges and opportunities of transitioning to organic production, a vital denominator for distinguishing nature park areas from other rural regions.



Præsentation af foredragsholderen:

Franklin Feyeh is a Human Geographer, PhD, with research foci in the fields of protected areas and sustainable regional development in Europe and environmental economic geography. He has been involved in a consortium assessing Danish protected areas according to IUCN standards.



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